Concluding remarks and next steps.

Well, that's it! Look forward to an upcoming "Part 2" with sections that improve on the work we started out with here. There's a lot of room to add things like a web front-end for the operator interface, authentication controls on the listening post, the ability to deploy new modules remotely and secure our communication channel with encryption. We should also look at our implant from a defensive/malware analyst perspective and see if there's any anti-RE/forensics capabilities we can include. But, that will come later. For the time being, congratulate yourself on getting started with a solid implant development foundation and building out some C2 components.

This is not the end, but an opportunity to keep learning and improving. I hope you'll foster the unique skills required to build this challenging class of offensive tooling and share your work with the community. I look forward to seeing what you make next!

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